The 2011 Season is Here for the Opus XIX Pipe Organ

2011 Opus XIX Pipe Organ Season Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, a Parish of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

Wishes to extend a warm thanks to all the Houstonians who made the introductory year of the Opus XIX Pipe Organ so much fun. We also wish to acknowledge thef fine work of our partners: Downtown Houston Association, KUHF, University of Houston, CANTARE Houston, Houston Masterworks Chorus,, and the marketing / public relations / advertising firm of Gilberto Velasquez & Associates for all of their work in promoting the Opus XIX Pipe Organ Dedictaion Week. The Opus XIX Pipe Organ, built by Martin Pasi and & Associates, was formally dedicated in 2010 and brought to light the three-pillar concept of the Opus XIX Pipe Organ's mission: "Listen. Learn. Love." Learn More About the Opus XIX Organ Builders: Martin Pasi & Associates.

When Played During Mass

Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart recognizes that some Opus XIX Pipe Organ events will occur during Mass.

Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart is first and foremost a Catholic Parish, and the Opus XIX is first and foremost an instrument used during worhsip. Thus when an event occurs during a Mass, you are not obliged to take Communion. We only ask that you respect the Mass and enjoy the musical experience.